Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Yesterday I managed nearly 3 miles around the lake with Nikki. However we had to stop a few times because my cough was getting in the way. My chest burnt as if it was really cold but soon cleared. Today I thought that it was a good idea to do an indoor excerise so that I could make sure my lungs are ok. Even though it is on the playstation I still give it all my best and I worked up a decent sweat.

I am on lates tomorrow which means that I have the chance to go for a run first thing tomorrow morning but it might not be a good idea tomorrow night. So I am taking today as a cross training day/rest day and I am back out in the morning. Hopefull without a cough!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day two.

My lungs feel like they are about to burst but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I went further then I expected to get and I ended up stopping a few times. I get a little nervous running by my self as in the past I have nearly fainted when I stop. seems to be something that happens when I stop running. I get hot and a sick feeling and then I start to see a big balck line. I think that is some of the reasons why I haven't been out so much. One.... snow and lots of it. Two.... Ice and lots of it. Three...... Cold and lots of snot. and Four nearly fainting at traffic lights.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

On the first day of Janathon........

Oh my word......
After 15 days of no running because of snow and then a serious cold with fever it was difficult to say the least. I only managed just over 1 mile. My legs wouldn't work and now it has started the coughing off again which then activiated the painful twinge in the muscule at the back of my head. I won't let this get me down and I am going to do my damn hardest to do as many miles this month and run as much as I can every day.... it just make take me a while longer.
I have missed my little Jiggles round the park. Monday's run should be much easier as I am running with a friend.

Monday, 27 December 2010

It's a new dawn, It's a new day and I am feeling good.

Well nearly. Christmas has been busy and I finally feel like I can't actually eat or drink anything else for the next month or so. The rain has been and it's now above freezing which means that there maybe some hope for me to get out for a run. I have planned one for Thursday or Friday with Nikki and I am seriously looking forward to getting out there. In the mean time my other half has bought me the EA2 sports game with heart rate monitor for Christmas so I had a go on that this morning but it made me realise how much fitness I have actually lost since the snow and the cold season has started and therefore I am going to attempt to go to a gym and pay to go on a treadmill.

I am not adverse to this as I actually like treadmill running but I get mentally bored and therefore I need entertainment. long gone are the days where I would move to a treadmill from cross trainer following the gym "hottie" and gawping at the uber tight shirt.......

I have been feeling some what of a bad person of late because I have not been out and I feel hugley defeated by this weather and my lack of enthusiasum for the cold winter evenings. My Moto or song for tomorrow and new years day is sang by the wonderful Nina Simone.... its a new dawn, it's a new day, It's a new liiiiiiiifffffffffffe..... and I am feelin goodddddddddddd. (nearly)!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


One thing I have noticed since being on things like fetcheveryone and now even this is that I feel part of a community and for that reason I enjoy being a runner. I hate it when I am cold and can hardley catch my breath but once you get into a rythum and your feet just move underneth you with very little effort you can't help but feel amazed. Firstly.... nothing hurts and you can actually talk. secondly..... your not even thinking about your feet and third of all..... your nearly home for a hot shower and your bed!
Thats what I love.
And how I miss running right now.

What a day

I have started this blog because in January I am going to be doing a Janothon which means that I exercise every day and I have to blog about it. Looking forward to being able to run again. This weather has kept me at home for days and I think that I am slowly going insane.